2016: Week 7 at the Source (Week 9 in the market)

Although Week 7 finally brought a reprieve in rainfall with only 54.3 mm (2.1 inches) and higher average temperatures, the consequences of Week 6’s horrendous conditions are evident. Average sugar content slightly declined, while the percentage of fruit with brix below 13.5 – 34 percent – increased. There was also higher than desirable variability in internal coloration (some fruit was found to be pale) and flavor and aroma levels. Weather definitely plays a determinant role in the quality of our fruit and the variability we see this week is a direct result of the conditions reported for Week 6. How do we plan to maintain a good balance between harvest age and the sugar content or translucency (maturity) of the fruit to be harvested during this challenging period? Click here to receive this week’s full industry report and find out! 

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