2015: Week 30 at the Source (Week 32 in the market)

Mother Nature seems to continue to give us the good news/bad news ratio in healthy doses. The good news? We had one third the precipitation as last week. Hurrah! The lessened rains and increased solar radiation allowed the farms to perform some 10 hectares of land preparation. Sure, this amount will surely be used by the end of this week, but given the conditions during the past month, we will take it as a win!

The bad news? More unpredictable weather. Worse yet, global forecasters seem to be really rooting for El Niño these days. They claim it won’t just be another year of the weather phenomenon, but one for the books as ocean temperatures in the Pacific are heading to record highs with no signs of stopping. Want to know exactly what that means for the year ahead? Click here to receive this week’s full industry report and find out

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