Boo! A Freakishly Healthy Halloween Snack

It’s the week of Halloween and you’ve just had a terrifying epiphany…there is absolutely no candy in the pantry! You can’t believe it. You’ll need to run out and grab a few bags for those ravenous trick-o-treaters before it’s too late.

Yet, on your way to the store you’ve started to think about it. “Do I really want my kids to eat THAT much candy in one sitting?”

We hear you! For any parent out there looking to give their kids a bit more of a healthy dose of Halloween, we have the recipe just for you!


Created by Family Fresh this Candy Corn Fruit Bowl has all the perfect Halloween trimmings without the scary ingredients.

What you’ll need?

The Perfect Pineapple, cut into  bite sized chunks

– oranges, cut into bite sized chunks

– whipped cream

– candy corn

{I’m sure you know what to do from here, but just in case, check out the full recipe via Family Fresh for more details.} 


Happy Halloween!

Dr. Lloyd

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