De-Bunking the Pull Apart Pineapple

Setting the Record Straight on this Prickly Life Hack

Last week, pineapples stepped into the internet spotlight when a viral video claimed Twitter fame. Twitter user Dennis Naghizadeh started the pull apart pineapple craze with a video from Tik Tok. The video features a pineapple being pulled apart with ease for a seemingly effortless snacking experience.

Putting Pineapples to the Test

Since pineapples can be a tricky fruit to cut, (check out our method here,) viewers instantly wanted to know more. Is it possible to simply peel away a spiky piece of fruit?

Fame often becomes problematic, and this video is no exception. Twitter users quickly started attempting to re-create the video with little success. Blogger Claire Lower from Skillet went so far to call the method “unhygienic, inefficient, and ridiculous”. Is the video a fraud? Is this life-hack not quite what it seems?

Setting the Record Straight

Pineapple experts here at Chestnut Hill Farms are here to clear the air and stand up for our prickly pals. The famous pull-apart pineapple is a variety not commonly found in North America and Europe. Rather, these smaller fruits are most likely a special variety like the Gomo de Mel from Brazil.

The Gomo de Mel is a very round fruit with multiple crowns and a high sugar content. This variety allows the fruiticules, (eyes of the pineapple,) to pull apart easily—just like in the video.

In North America, grocery stores typically carry the MD-2 pineapple variety. The MD-2 “Perfect Pineapple” is grown mainly in Costa Rica. Hand-picked at the peak of ripeness, this variety is the sweetest, most flavorful pineapple on the market.

The Perfect Tropical Treat

While MD-2 pineapples were developed to satisfy the growing market, they will not peel apart like their Brazilian counterparts. So, go easy on our tropical friends, dear Internet. MD-2 pineapples might take a little extra effort to serve, but the sweet and juicy treat will be well worth it.

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