Recipe: Baked Plantains with Cheese

In America, we love our cheese. It is true that the French lead the world’s average per person cheese consumption (a whopping 57 pounds per year!), but it’s also true that Americans like to put cheese on everything. Not shy about our own dairy desires, Americans consume an average of 23 pounds of cheese per year. And who can blame us? Cheese is delicious!

In celebrating American Cheese Month this October – yes, it’s a real thing – we’ve decided to give the people what they want: something cheesy!

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This recipe, featuring our very own plantains and yummy mozzarella, is actually common in many places outside of the United States. Traditionally eaten at breakfast or brunch, has made our hearts melt with this delectable baked take on a fried staple of Latin America.

A simple dish that doesn’t take much, here’s a (short) list of ingredients:



6 ripe plantains, whole

1-2 tbs melted butter or oil, use as little as you want

6 thick slices of mozzarella

Optional garnish:

Aji criollo or cilantro hot sauce


For a complete recipe and detailed instructions, check out the full recipe here.

Mmm. Now smile and say…cheese!


Dr. Lloyd

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