Refreshing Summer Pineapple Sangria

Keep Cool This Summer With This Pineapple Sangria

As the summer months heat up, find a way to stay cool in the sun with this refreshing summer pineapple sangria from Chestnut Hill Farms. As you make your plans for the World Cup, 4th of July, and other summer time festivities, don’t forget about this sweet treat! Fresh, in season ingredients will put you in the summertime mindset.

To create this simple and satisfying cocktail, first slice strawberries and add to a large pitcher with fresh blueberries, raspberries and your choice of wine. Add fresh squeezed lemon to the mix and cut out pineapple stars with a cookie cutter for some extra flair. Add the stars to your pitcher, stir, add soda water and enjoy!

Need some help picking up a ripe pineapple last minute? Check out our tips here to find out now!

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