The Perfect Pineapple Report 2020: Week 18

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  • Moderately intense showers during the first half of the week accumulated 92.1 mm (3.75”) of rainfall
  • We think it is still  too early to predict the end of the Springtime dry period
  • Air temperatures declined slightly
  • Farms continue to increase harvest age – half of the fruit harvested was at 22 Weeks after forcing (WAF)
    • The balance at 21 WAF
  • Fruit quality continues to be at The Perfect Pineapple ™ standard
    • Average sugar content is 15º brix; < 4% is below 13.5 º brix and SD between readings is less than 1.0
    • External as well as internal color have improved
    • And the firmness of the pulp experienced a boost
  • NDF fruit has been identified and we are estimating a pronounced but short-lived volume peak for arrivals mid-June through the 4th of July.
  • Coronavirus  cases reported up by only 5% this past week
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