The Perfect Pineapple Report 2020: Week 26

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  • The dry spell changed mid-week bringing a few intense showers through the weekend
    • 88.7 mm ( 3.5 inches) of precipitation were recorded
    • Slight changes in temperature – minimum dropped while average and soil temperatures rose
  • Farm management continues to tweak harvest age – 80% harvested at 21 WAF
  • Natural fruit made up 60% of the total volume harvested
  • Some variability in certain quality parameters due to the NDF volume
  • Rigorous sampling prior to harvest as well as NDF fruit age identification with the use of color ribbons allowing us to minimize serious quality issues in the marketplace.
  • Significant increase in Coronavirus cases registered and the government of Costa Rica is announcing more stringent quarantine measures as well as intensive inspections of work centers to enforce recommended protocols
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