The Perfect Pineapple Report 2020: Week 35

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  • Seems like no end in sight to our limited precipitation, only light drizzles almost every day
    • 19.4 mm (0.75 inches) of precipitation recorded
    • Air and soil temperatures declined slightly
    • Moderate to low solar radiation
    • Relative humidity @ 88.9%
  • Most of our fruit harvested at 21 weeks after forcing (WAF) but we implemented a slight age increase with more fruit than last week harvested at 22 WAF and less at 20 WAF.
  • NDF fruit now making only 21% of total harvest.
  • Good weather is a blessing for farmers; all chores and good husbandry practices up to date
  • No coronavirus cases reported in our farms
  • Nationwide, cases reported still showing a modest increase:
    • 5,347 cases reported this week ( 112 more than prior week)
    • Total cases now stand at 33,084 and 348 total deaths.
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