The Perfect Pineapple Report 2020: Week 53

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  • The first haft of the week was clear and dry and then the weather turned to overcast and wet:
    • 52.5 mm (just over 2 inches) of rainfall were recorded
    • Minimum temperature dropped  slightly to 20.9 ºC (69.7ºF)
    • Average air and soil temperatures both rose to  25,6°C (76,2 °F) and  26,1°C (78,9°F), respectively
    • Some solar radiation at the beginning of the week; relative humidity dropped to 83.7%
  • Fruit development monitored extensively, slightly higher percentage harvested at 20 WAF (65.9%) and balance at 21 WAF
  • Even with younger fruit, sugar content is at a great level, only 6.5% below 13.5 degrees Brix
  • External coloration reacting well, 86% of our fruit above color 0.5
  • Internal maturity stable and outstanding
  • Health authorities reported an increase of 4.3% new Covid cases. Total cases since start of the pandemic are just below 160,000.

May this New Year be filled with health, happiness and prosperity!

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