The Perfect Pineapple Report 2021: Week 14

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  • The weather forecast was right on the money calling for limited precipitation and rising air temperatures
    • 29.9 mm (1.2 inches) of rainfall recorded
    • The average air temperature was 25.8 ºC (78.5ºF)
    • Relative humidity rose to 83.5%
  • Harvest strategy holding steady – almost 24% harvested at 20 WAF; 72% at 21 WAF and the rest at 22 WAF
  • External color is the one quality variable giving us a challenge – almost 46% of our fruit had zero color.
  • Internal color as well as sugar content, taste and aroma are outstanding
  • Corona virus new cases increased by almost 18% from prior week – authorities to consider implementing restrictions to curve the rise in infection rate
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