The Perfect Pineapple Report 2021: Week 15

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  • Dramatic change in precipitation:
    • Daily downpours accumulated 144.9 mm (5.7 inches) of rainfall
    • Temperatures continue a gradual increase
      • The average minimum rose to 22°C (71,6°F)
      • The average air temperature  remained stable at 25,9°C (78,7 °F).
      • The average soil temperature declined to 26,6°C (79,9°F).
      • Solar radiation varied from moderate to low and no risk of sunburn and “corky fruit”.
      • Relative humidity rose significantly to 85,9 %. 
  • Most of our fruit was harvested at 21 WAF – 99.2% of the total. The rest  was at 22 WAF.
  • Sugar content continues stable and with the majority of the fruit between 13.5 and 15.5º Brix  (86.7%).
  • Significant improvement in the external color of the fruit
  • NDF plant inventory carried out to date, the farms are forecasting a moderate  volume peak  for weeks 19 through 21.
  • Increase in volume is less than in previous years and we can forecast also a less impacting “valley” of production in the subsequent weeks.
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