The Perfect Pineapple Report 2021: Week 20

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  • A dry start to the week and then light drizzles from midweek. We took every opportunity to stay ahead of agricultural chores
    • Rain gauge recorded 29.7 mm (1.2 inches) of precipitation
    • Air and soil temperatures stable
  • Slight adjustments to harvest age; some younger fruit at 20 WAF being harvested (7.6%)
    • Natural Fruit made up only 2.6 % of total harvest
    • We are seeing slow maturation process of NDF fruit
    • Moderate NDF peak to last through harvest week 22 or 23
  • Fruit quality is outstanding
    • 99.2% of our harvest has brix readings at or higher than 13.5º brix
    • 87.3% of the fruit is color 0.5 and higher
    • 99.6% of our fruit has internal maturity “B”
  • New covid cases reported at highest level since pandemic started – 15,623 new cases        
    • Authorities trying to manage stricter regulations without continued deterioration of the economy.
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