The Perfect Pineapple Report 2021: Week 21

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  • Modest increase in precipitation with an increase in temperatures:        
    • 81.7 mm (3.2 inches) of rainfall recorded
    • Average minimum temperature rose to 23.8 ºC ( 73.8 ºF); and average air was 26.6 ºC ( 79.9 ºF)
    • Relative humidity stable at 86.6%
  • Harvest age was increased with almost 6% harvested at 23 WAF; 26% at 22 WAF and the balance at 21 WAF
  • NDF volume is still very small with only 3.6% of the total
  • Cardboard and logistic costs have increased significantly;  a more detailed report will follow
  • Covid cases reported reach an all time high 16,860; new restrictions in place and in person schooling suspended
  • Vaccination program is intensified as supplies improve
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