The Perfect Pineapple Report 2021: Week 34

Click here to read this week’s farm report.

  • Seemingly those tropical storms churning in the Atlantic Ocean sucked all the moisture from the Caribbean Coast:
  • Scattered and light drizzles deposited 16.4 mm (0.65 inches) – the least weekly precipitation in over one month
  • Slight decline in the minimum air temperature but the average air and soil temperatures remained unchanged
  • Improved weather allowed considerable advance in soil preparation
  • Farms continue to tweak harvest age – 80.5% harvested at 21 WAF; almost 16% at 22 WAF and just under 4% at much younger age of 20 WAF
  • Average sugar content is stable but we have almost 40 % above 15.5ºBrix
  • Surprisingly approximately 10% of our volume harvested was NDF fruit.
  • The final stress causing events had more incidence than previously accounted for
  • This may  account for the high percentage of fruit with ≥ 15 º Brix
  • Covid 19 incidence in the country increased by 24% this week to 11,697 cases diagnosed
  • Almost 85% of our work force has received at least one vaccine shot.
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