The Perfect Pineapple Report 2021: Week 48

Click here to read this week’s farm report.

  • A favorable turn in climatic conditions – one single day and with limited precipitation
    • 13 mm of rainfall recorded – barely  half an inch
    • Minimum air temperature reached  22°C (71,7°F)
    • The average was 26,6°C (79,9°F)
    • Soil temperature rose to 27°C (80,7°F)
    • Nighttime minimum temperatures were above 20 Celsius (68°F).
    • Solar radiation was moderate with some risk of sunburn and “corky fruit”
    • Relative humidity fell to 84,2%.
  • Soil preparation was able to “catch-up”
  • Harvest age practically unchanged and harvesting predominantly large fruit
  • Sugar content also stable and at excellent levels
  • External color can still be improved with 28% with “0” coloration
  • Internal coloro and maturity level steady and outstanding
  • Another record low number of Covid cases reported by health authorities.
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