The Perfect Pineapple Report 2021: Week 5

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  • We had a welcomed respite in our “tropical winter” conditions –
    • Only 23.3 mm ( just less than 1 inch) of precipitation recorded
    • Minimum air temperature declined to 21ºC (69.8ºF) – a couple of nights just below 20ºC (68ºF)
    • Average air and soil temperatures rose slightly
    • Relative humidity dropped to 82.7%
  • Dry spell enabled farms to carry out all good husbandry practices on a scheduled basis
  • Farms also implemented an increase in harvest age –
    • 73.2% of our fruit harvested at 21 WAF
    • Balance harvested at 20 WAF
  • Small  fruit sizes @ 15% of pack out, higher than our normal
  • Quality, in general, is very good, water spotting due to high precipitation is dropping
  • Covid infection rates at the lowest level in 9 months
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