The Perfect Pineapple Report 2021: Week 6

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  • The relatively dry tropical spell continues, scattered showers and moderate sunshine brought:
    • 28.9 mm (just over 1 inch) of precipitation
    • Average minimum temperature dropped to 20.5 ºC ( 68 ºF)
    • Soil temperature stable at 26.3 ºC ( 79.4 ºF)
    • Solar radiation mostly moderate and humidity at 83.4%
  • Stable climatic conditions enabling farms to continue with steady harvest program.
    • Two-thirds harvested at 21 WAF; balance at 20 WAF.
  • External color still a little lower than our goal with “0” color at 30% ( see Color Char tab on attachment).
  • Sugar content, internal color (mostly “B”), pulp firmness, flavor and aroma are all at good levels.
  • Strong Valentine’s Day demand amongst processors
  • Weather conditions  past weekend in the NE (USA) caused logistic challenges and another  Nor’easter on the forecast
  • Covid-19 infection rates drop to 3,890 new cases in the country down from 4,737 cases prior week
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