The Perfect Pineapple Report 2021: Week 7

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·      The week brought increased precipitation as a front rolled south:

o  53.7 mm (2.1 inches) of precipitation were recorded

o  The average minimum temperature increased slightly to 21,5°C  (68,9°F); we did not have lows below the threshold temperature of 20°C  (68°F)

o  But average air and soil temperatures did drop to 24,8°C (76,6 °F) and 26,1°C (78,9°F), respectively

·      Sugar content remains stable but we did see increased variation between readings

·      External Color “0” increased to 35% as we struggle to give higher color to our fruit in these cooler, wetter and overcast conditions

·      Internal conditions are quite good with 92.4% of the fruit  with ideal maturity index “B”.

·      Corona virus infections rates continue to drop with only 2,945 new cases and 60 deaths reported.

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