The Perfect Pineapple Report 2022: Week 2

Click here to read this week’s farm report.

  • The last week of the year was a dry one
    • The weekly accumulated precipitation was 5.2 mm (1/5 of an inch)
    • The average minimum air temperature fell to 20,8°C (69,5°F)
    • The average air temperature rose to 25,7°C (78,3°F)
    • Soil temperature declined slightly to 25,9°C (78,6°F
    • Solar radiation was high most days of the week bringing some risk of sunburn and “corky fruit”
    • Relative humidity dropped to 84,2%.
  • Most of the fruit was harvested at 20 WAF (98.3%). Farms plan to increase harvest age as lower temperatures delay maturation process
  • Average sugar content at an excellent level – but we had an increase in fruit with brix > 15.5 (41.4%)
  • External color lagging expectations –  50% with color “0”
  • The average firmness of the pulp decreased
    • The minimum was 2.1 psi; the average reached 2,9 psi and the maximum was 4.2 psi.
  • Even though it was a short work week, good weather and planning ensured completion of all chores including soil prep
  • A significant increase in Covid 19 infections – 4.236 new cases (207% increase from prior week). Hospitalizations and deaths remain at a low level.
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