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The Perfect Pineapple Report Week 29

  • Almost no variation in climatic conditions from one week to the next
  • 110.4 mm (4.4 inches) of rainfall recorded
  • Minimum air temperature down just barely 0.05  ̊̊C (1.0   ̊F) to 22.9 C (73.1 F)
  • Average temperature identical to prior week
  • Started a reduction in harvest age – less fruit harvested at 22 WAF and an increase in % fruit harvested at 20 and 21 WAF
  • Internal quality is outstanding but low external color has increased
  • Industry supplies in downward spiral following NDF harvest; some indications volume for BOY will  be lower than 2018
  • Abundant precipitation during 3rd quarter of 2018 reduced ability to plant
  • Extreme dry spell at the end of 2018 and early 2019  slowed plant growth
  • Market conditions during 2018 forced some farms to limit good husbandry practices and even reduce new plantings
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