The Perfect Pineapple Production Report Week 29

·High intensity showers throughout the week accumulated 119.7 mm (4.7 inches ) of precipitation
·Weather forecast is for continued atmospheric instability at least into the coming week
·Quality is stable and outstanding
·NDF harvest will be completed during week 29 harvest
·A significant reduction in industry volumes is anticipated after the last 10 weeks of NDF harvest.

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Perfect Pineapples on the Farm

How Sustainable Farming Practices Make Our Pineapples Perfect

Part of what makes our pineapples perfect is our dedication to implementing our sustainable farming practices. Being one of the top three pineapple importer to North America, we understand that it is our responsibility to implement these practices to better benefit the environment and our workers.

It All Starts With the Soil

One way in which we maintain sustainable practices on our farms, is by incorporating organic material into the soil on our farms. After harvest, pineapple plants leave an estimated 300 tons of pineapple per hectare. We re-incorporate this material to maintain good soil structure and nutrient levels, as well as to improve Cation exchange capacity of the soil. Secondarily, we incorporate beneficial bacteria and fungi into the soil to aid in the reduction of our use of chemical pesticides.

Maintenance of the Natural Forest

Here at Chestnut Hill Farms, we maintain over 275 hectares of forest reserve that acts as a barrier between pineapple plantings and major water sources, in order to reduce our carbon footprint while also providing habitats for local wildlife. In addition to this protected area, 40 hectares of native fruit trees have been plated to provide food supplies for these creatures.

Reduction of Use of Herbicides and Pesticides

To reduce the use of pesticides and herbicides on our perfect pineapples, herbicide application after planting is done only on an as-needed basis. We use a spot treatment to treat only affected areas so the use of herbicides is greatly reduced. The same is done with the use of pesticides.

Did You Know?

Although we take pride in our sustainable farming practices on our farms as a whole, the end goal this work and dedication is to produce the perfect pineapple for you to eat! Here are a few facts about our fresh, sweet pineapples:

  • Our pineapples are MD2 pineapples. The MD2 hybrid pineapple was developed prior to the mid 1990’s to satisfy an increase in demand for pineapple consumption and exceptional sweetness. Our MD2 pineapples also have the benefit of increased uniformity and consistency in size and ripeness.
  • A green pineapple does not mean that it isn’t ripe! The color of a pineapple’s skin varies from summer to winter, so yellow or green, they’re all delicious! Any pineapple available to you in the supermarket is ripe and ready to enjoy.
  • Not only are pineapples delicious, they are great for your health! Pineapples have been found to improve immunity, improve eye health, lower cancer risk, help minimize calorie consumption and work as an anti-inflammatory.
  • Pineapples are actually a berry! According to Union County College, the pineapple belongs to the bromeliad family and is one of the few to produce an edible fruit. So truly, a pineapple is made up of several berries that fuse together around a central core. Those “scales” that you see on a fresh pineapple’s skin? Well, those are all actually separate berries!

Read About Our Sustainable Practices.

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Meet Farm Wildlife: The Three-Toed Sloth

Learn More About our Furry Friends

Wildlife Three-Toed Sloth

Chestnut Hill Farms is located in Costa Rica, just over the hill from Tortuguero National Park, or the “Costa Rican Amazon”. With abundant rainfall each year, our farms are able to thrive in this lush environment that supports a variety of wildlife. Chestnut Hill Farms maintains over 275 hectares of forest reserve, which serves as a home to three species of monkeys, the three-toed sloth, many classes of birds including toucans and parrots, deer, wild turkey and jaguars.

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The Perfect Pineapple Production Report Week 28

·Unstable atmospheric conditions continued and a new tropical wave brought dramatic change
·Heavy to moderate daily showers accumulated 87.8 mm (3.5 inches) of precipitation
·A reduction in harvest age was implemented – less fruit harvested at 23 WAF and more at 22 WAF
·Quality continues to be excellent in spite of unfavorable climatic conditions
·NDF harvest is almost over and overall industry volume should drop accordingly

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Summertime Pineapple Lemonade

A Simple Summertime Pineapple Lemonade Recipe

Summertime Pineapple Lemonade Recipe

Escape from the heat with this twist on a summertime classic! Our perfect pineapples make for a tasty homemade treat with just three easy ingredients for this summertime pineapple lemonade recipe.

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The Perfect Pineapple Production Report: Week 27

·Sudden and welcomed change in climatic conditions – the announced tropical wave fizzled out:
·Recorded precipitation was 24.6 mm (1 inch)
·Stable temperatures
·Harvest plan similar to prior week
·Abundant large sizes
·Sugar content, flavor and aroma as good as it gets!
·NDF harvest almost complete

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Tips for a Pineapple Party This 4th of July

How to Throw a Perfect Pineapple Bash

Celebrate sweet summertime with the perfect pineapple party this 4th of July! Although our tasty pineapples are available year round, peak pineapple season is during the summertime months, from March to July. Here are some delicious and exciting ways to incorporate our pineapples in your Independence Day celebrations.

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The Perfect Pineapple Production Report Week 26

·Seasonal climatic conditions continue
·Total rainfall was 134.4 mm ( 5.25 inches)
·Both air and soil temperatures are stable
·Harvest age reduced to maintain internal quality and adequate maturity
·Land preparation has come to a standstill due weather conditions
·All other good husbandry practices are on schedule
·Quality continues at an excellent level

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Refreshing Summer Pineapple Sangria

Keep Cool This Summer With This Pineapple Sangria

As the summer months heat up, find a way to stay cool in the sun with this refreshing summer pineapple sangria from Chestnut Hill Farms. As you make your plans for the World Cup, 4th of July, and other summer time festivities, don’t forget about this sweet treat! Fresh, in season ingredients will put you in the summertime mindset.

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The Perfect Pineapple Production Report – Week 25

·Our climatic conditions on the Atlantic coast have now shifted to a higher precipitation period
·Heavy rainfall during certain days of the week brought 137.3 mm ( 5.4 inches) of precipitation
·This climatic change drives us to intensify pre harvest sampling to maintain quality
·A temporary increase in harvest age was implemented to keep up with change in weather
·Sugar content stable but we recommend faster stock rotation due weather variables
·Overall volume is on the decline and most NDF fruit has been harvested

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