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How to Carve a Halloween Pineapple

Halloween Pineapple Carving

The Year of Halloween Pineapple Carving

Are you feeling a little creative this October? Switch up spooky season festivities by carving a Halloween pineapple in lieu of a classic pumpkin! Pineapples make great jack-o-lanterns because they are less wasteful and smell amazing.

Get creative with the pineapple’s unique shape! Will its iconic, leafy crown become a funky hairstyle for your jack-o-lantern? Just like pumpkins, pineapples come in all sizes and are the perfect canvas for a festive creation.

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Dental Benefits of Pineapples

Pineapple Dental Benefits

Listen Up! You May Want to Add Pineapple to Your Dental Routine as There Are Many Benefits.

We all strive for that perfect white healthy smile by using whitening toothpaste or treatments to at-home remedies. But did you know that the secret for a radiant smile might just lay in eating pineapple?

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Three DIY Pineapple Crafts for Kids

Pineapple Craft

Give Kids Pineapple Crafting Inspiration with These Adorable DIY Ideas! 

Pineapples are delicious, heart healthy, and fun to craft. Kids love to craft but aren’t always keen on eating their daily dose of fruits and veggies, so what better way to show how great fruits are than by crafting and creating some? Check out the below crafts! 

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Three Easy and Healthy 10 Minute Snacks Your Kids Will Love.

Cute Ways to Incorporate Pineapple in to Your Kids After-School Snacks!

Back to school season can get really hectic for parents, especially when it comes to preparing healthy snacks that kids actually enjoy. We’ve gathered a few fruit-based recipes that are fun and enjoyable for both kids and parents alike.

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Pineapple: A Symbol of Hospitality

Next Time You Are Entertaining, Impress Your Guests With Our Perfect Pineapple!

With its beautiful crown and diamond detailing it is no wonder that this amazing fruit became a symbol of hospitality. Whether using it as hospitality decoration-wise or providing it to be consumed by guests, there is plenty of history on why they became a symbol of hospitality.

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Why Pineapples Make Your Mouth Tingle

fresh pineapple side effects

If you’re like us and have enjoyed your fair share of pineapple you’re probably no stranger to the tingling effect it can have on your tongue and lips.

While it may be concerning to some, it doesn’t always indicate an allergy. There is actually a scientific explanation for what causes this sensation and a few ways to prevent it.

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How Do You Celebrate Pineapples?

Pineapple Party

5 DIY Projects Incorporating the Queen of Fruits.

Whether you are throwing a pineapple-themed party or pineapple is your absolute favorite fruit, there are a variety of DIY pineapple crafts to dive into. Pineapple isn’t just for munching on but can be enjoyed as a decoration for your home! From printable pineapple stickers to adorable wine corks, check out 5 DIY projects that incorporate the queen of fruits that are both easy and enjoyable to partake in!

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4 End of Summer Orange and Pineapple Recipes

Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?

Pineapple is one fruit that is often combined with others in recipes. Because of its sweet and tangy properties, it is the perfect complement to almost all fruits. We have put together four of the best orange-pineapple recipes!

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Top Tropical Destination Getaways that Grow Pineapples

If You’re Looking For a Tropical Destination to Enjoy the Warm Summer Months, Look No Further

3 top destinations we recommend you visit with balmy weather and lots of outdoor activities to enjoy are Costa Rica, the Philippines, and Brazil. Not only are these countries are surrounded by water and get excellent sun this time of year, but they all have major pineapple markets which make for the perfect native piña coladas. Though these are the top pineapple cultivating countries across the globe, they do have some differences in their farming process and exports.

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The Perfect Summertime Picnic

summertime picnic

Summertime Means Plenty of Chances for Outdoor Activities!

Whether that is a hike up a trail, a stroll through the woods, or a casual stroll through a field of long grass, you’ll probably want to rest for a moment or two and take in the serenity nature has to offer, with a summertime picnic! There is no way better to do that then by enjoying delicious food while you do. But just exactly how do you pack a perfect picnic meal? Well, in this blog post we’re going to be giving you the most essential items to put in that picnic basket, Dorothy, and we’re not talking about Todo. After all, July is national picnic month.

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