Christmas in 1840: What Tree?


Happy Saturday!

We stumbled across an interesting story today that we thought would be a neat post to share with our regular readers. Remember when ole’ Dr. Lloyd here told you about the history of the pineapple, or how pineapples were once a status symbol among Europeans?

Well, down in South Carolina, the Historic Columbia Foundation will be sharing similar anecdotes during candlelight tours of the capitol’s historic buildings later this month. The tours will showcase exactly what Christmas in the late 19th century was like for the buildings’ residents. Surprisingly, Christmas trees weren’t common as decoration until after the 1850s. But you know what was? You guessed it – pineapples!

This article by gives great insight into what a Christmas celebration would have looked like during the American historical era – and give some reasons as to why the pineapple crazes seems to endure.

To read the full story, click here.


Dr. Lloyd

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