Shape Up with Pineapple this Summer

With more hours of sun in the sky and laxer schedules at work, most Americans like to take advantage of the summer season by heading outside for some afternoon action.On the weekends you’ll see more families paddling out on the lake, swimming in the sea or playing a game of football out in the front yard.

Activities like these help make up a healthy lifestyle for women and men, young and old alike. Yet, if you’re looking to lose a few pounds in the process, you’ll need a supercharged diet to complement your new-found energy for casual exercise.

Much more than a delicious treat, pineapples can be a great staple food in your summertime diet. They are loaded with essential nutrients that help aid metabolism and are just 83 calories per one-cup serving.

Photo by Angela Anderson. Check out her blog here.

Photo by Angela Anderson. Check out her blog, The A List, here.

Among such nutrients, pineapples contain plenty of fiber, which is critical for digestion and weight loss. Manganese, Vitamin B6 and pantothenic acid, also found in pineapples, are needed for energy production, regulating blood sugar levels and playing an importantly role in carbohydrate and fat metabolism efforts.

A healthy alternative to other high-calorie, high fat foods you may be tempted to nosh on at your neighbor’s next cook-out, pineapples can be very versatile to prepare.

In addition to enjoying pineapple chunks as a snack, drinking simply-made pineapple juice can help prevent water retention. In fact with its 75 percent RDI for Vitamin C, consuming one cup of pineapple juice can help you avoid bloating and make it easier to keep your tummy flat.

With some pineapple juice in hand, we’re ready for swimsuit season.

Let the pool parties begin!


Dr. Lloyd

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