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Start the Year Right!

“This year I will eat more fruit…” That’s right; New Year’s resolutions are in full swing. What better way to start 2016 than with some tasty pineapples?

Aside from their incredibly sweet taste, pineapples are also a rich source of natural simple sugars. These sugars improve brain activity, promote better cognition and improve concentration – things we all know we need come Monday mornings.

Other “sugars” you might have at breakfast aren’t so natural and quite frankly make you crash later on. Starting your day with some fresh pineapple will give you the kick-start you need.

Already switching up your morning routine to include oatmeal instead of fattier options? Great! Now, just mix up your ordinary oatmeal recipe by adding juicy, chunks of pineapple.


(Hawaiian Oatmeal Recipe from BarefeetInTheKitchen.com)

Mary Younkin from Barefeet in The Kitchen gives us this awesome Hawaiian Oatmeal recipe that will have you wanting more. Visit Barefeet in The Kitchen for full instructions on how to start your day off right.



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