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The Secret Gene

Ah, science!

Since scientists first laid hands on the pineapple back in the early 16th century, they have wondered what this incredibly special fruit is made of. Carefully studying and enjoying the pineapple to find the secret hiding within its core, scientists have actually just learned the genetics under its crown.

In fact, and most interesting to researchers, is the understanding of how a pineapple can withstand droughts. Turns out it all comes down to a familiar process we learned about in grade school. Through recent testing they have learned how pineapples undergo photosynthesis.

The pineapple crop uses “CAM.” CAM stands for crassulacean acid metabolism, a type of photosynthesis that is so unlike the rest of many plant products.

One of the global trade’s most important tropical fruits, pineapples have an annual value of more than eight billion dollars. By furthering understanding the science behind how a pineapple naturally withstands climate changes, farmers like us can better prepare for all types of circumstances.

This article from Reuters.com gives more insight on the genetic secrets of this powerful fruit.

Neat, huh? Science, baby!

Dr. Lloyd

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