This Summer’s Hottest Tips for Marketing Pineapples


Pineapple and Summer, The Perfect Pair!

Summer is right around the corner. And nothing pairs better with summer than a pineapple. Well, perhaps maybe a pool. Or a beach. But at either of these hotspots for summer getaways, people are going to need something to fill them up and cool them off, besides just the water. That’s why this post is dedicated to giving you some creative ways to market pineapples this summer. 

Cheers to Summer!

Regardless of if you’re going to a pool party or a beach party, there are going to be parties a plenty during the summer so that everyone can show off their summer bods (that they earned all while eating a healthy amount of pineapple, right?) What is the number one drink of choice for party-goers? Pina Coladas, of course! But if you want to try something new and exotic this summer while still having that savory pineapple taste, take a look at these unique and amazing cocktail concoctions from The Spruce Eats.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll order one Hawaiian Iced Tea please! 

A Sweet Treat

And to continue beating the heat this summer, we not only need cool refreshments, but delectable desserts as well, am I right? Why don’t you go ahead and trash that old idea of a banana boat for something fresh: the Ice Cream Pineapple Boat.


This idea is super simple. 

First, use a strong knife and cut a pineapple in half vertically. 

Next, take a smaller cutting knife and cut around the perimeter of the pineapple, being sure not to pierce the sides. Using the same knife, cut the pineapple in the center horizontally, making sure to yet again, not puncture the pineapple all the way through. 

Third, take a spoon and remove the chunks of pineapple, leaving you with just a hollowed-out pineapple. 

Fourth, fill that pineapple with the ice cream of your choosing. 

The rest of the pieces of pineapple can be cut easily and served as fruit, blended to make pineapple fruit juice, or used as accouterments to the recipes listed above. 

Celebrate Pineapple

Finally, if you want some ideas that aren’t food-based, then try implementing some of these marketing opportunities. Consider constructing a pineapple figure to draw eyes and crowds to a photo opportunity good for both their Instagram and your store. Yours doesn’t have to be as intricate—it could just be an inflatable pineapple outside the store!


The key to any marketing campaign, though, is to be creative and have fun with branding. Pineapples are harvested and sold all year round here at Chestnut Hill Farms. That’s because they can be included to fit any lifestyle and be enjoyed anywhere. So show them off! And don’t forget to get a post ready for International Pineapple Day on June 27th! You definitely know that we’ll be planning something special for celebration here at Chestnut Hill Farms. 

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