Protect Yourself from Cold and Flu Season with Super Pineapple

Super Pineapple to the Rescue!

Cold and flu season is here, and according to recent news it has become one of the worse epidemics across the United States, expecting to peak in March. Luckily, pineapples are shown to be a great preventative since they are packed with immune-boosting vitamins and are five times more effective than cough syrup at suppressing itchy throats. 

Pineapple contains a high source of Vitamin C, which drastically helps the immune system to fight off colds and sickness. Bromelain kicks in as an anti-inflammatory, and is extremely beneficial at fighting infections and eliminating bacteria. This combination is a powerhouse to ward off illness.

In a 2010 research study, it was found that raw extracts from pineapple could decrease mucus five times faster than over-the-counter cough syrups. Researchers tested this theory on people suffering from tuberculosis. The results of this showed that patients recovered 4.8 times faster and exhibited a decrease in all symptoms related to coughing. (To view the full research study, click here.)

Bromelain is also beneficial in reducing swelling of the nose and sinuses. After eating pineapples, the mouth often gets a prickling sensation. This is because it’s breaking down collagen bonds on the tongue and cheeks, as well as fighting mucus in the throat.

Pineapples are an excellent remedy and preventative source for this flu season. If you’re feeling like might be coming your way, check out an easy drink recipe that will help to ward off that cough.

Super Pineapple Wellness Recipe


  • Pinch of Salt
  • 1 3-inch Ginger Root
  • 1 Cup Pineapple chunks (or juiced pineapple)
  • 0.25 Cup Raw Lemon Juice
  • 0.5 Teaspoon Cayenne Pepper
  • 1 Tablespoon Honey

Mix all ingredients in a blender or juicer and drink a quarter-cup three times per day, and you should be feeling better in no time! 

*Note: These are general recommendations for daily wellness, and should not be used in place of seeking medical attention or seeing a doctor in the condition of illness.  

Check out a video with 5 secret health benefits of pineapple!

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