How to Grow Your Own Perfect Pineapple Plant

5 Easy Steps to Transform Your Perfect Pineapple Into a Plant

Did you know that you can transform your perfect pineapple into an interesting houseplant? By simply taking the leafy crown of your pineapple you can grow your very own pineapple plant!

It only takes  6-8 weeks for roots to grow and it will become a beautiful addition to your home. In two years time, your glorious pineapple plant will begin to flower, ripen and mature. Read below for five easy steps to grow your very own perfect pineapple plant.

1. Chop Off the Crown of the Pineapple

After you select your Chestnut Hill Farms Perfect Pineapple from the store, use a sharp knife to cut the top off of the pineapple close to the crown. Make sure to cut any fruit that may remain, that way it won’t rot later on. 

2. Remove Leaves and Allow Stalk to Dry

The stalk is part of the unformed roots that you will use to grow your pineapple plant. Pull off all of the leaves on the stalk and set it aside to dry for a few days. This step is important to make sure the plant doesn’t rot. 

3. Place in Soil

Place your pineapple plant into soil, keeping it moist but well-drained. Use a light soil mixture that contains perlite and sand.

4. Water and Place in Indirect Sunlight

Water often so the plant is moist. A spray bottle is perfect for doing this. Place your pineapple plant by a window where there is bright indirect sunlight.

5. Flowering and Fruiting 

It takes about 6-8 weeks for your pineapple to root. However, if you wait two years your pineapple plant will flower and ripen into several tiny flowers that are each pieces of fruit or a “berry” of the pineapple. Either way, planting your perfect pineapple plant is an easy and incredible addition to your home.

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