Quick Tip on How to Pick

One of the most common questions I receive here at Lloyd’s Corner is “what’s the best way to slice a pineapple?”  We answered that one a while back, but as a refresher course, check out our tutorial here.



Now, the second most commonly asked question – “how do you pick a good pineapple?” – is one we can provide a quick tip for the road. As we’ve said before, and contrary to popular belief, pineapples are at the perfect serving condition right from the store. Yes, you heard that right – yellow OR green, they are always ready to eat.

But if you want to pick the best one of the bunch, a good rule of thumb is to let your nose be your guide. Yup, just smell the bottom of the pineapple! If it has that iconic pineapple fragrance — even if it’s just a hint of pineapple scent— then chances are it’s a good one.

Chestnut Hill Farms is home to The Perfect Pineapple™, so we’re pretty sure you’ll be able to smell any of our fruit right away, but just in case you can’t pick up one of ours, this is your next best strategy.

Happy Picking!

Dr. Lloyd

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