Superbug may have met its match….the Pineapple


The superbugs have been a growing threat for years due to an over reliance on antibiotics. What if I were to tell you that scientists have discovered another weapon to combat the superbug by simply fighting nature with nature?

Turns out the pineapple is a potential key component in the fight against antibiotic resistant bacteria, also known as the superbug.  Studies have shown the enzymes, namely bromelain, contained within the stem and the roots of the pineapples can cure diarrhea in pigs. What a relief for both the pigs and the farmers!  This natural solution would reduce the reliance on antibiotics in pig farming while also having the effect of not only diminishing antibiotics in pigs themselves but also reducing the human exposure to antibiotics during consumption.

Scientist believe this may also help reduce diarrhea in humans as well.  So the next time you find yourself spending more time in the restroom than the office, try some pineapple, your organization will appreciate it.

Read more from the Sydney Morning Herald to learn about the natural superbug solution

Bromelain has been widely discussed in our blog read more about it here.

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