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Mental Health: How Pineapples Can Help

Mental Health is Understanding That Mental Health Is Not a Luxury, But Is As Important As Physical Health.

Are young people lonelier? Teenagers around the world are lonelier than ever, according to a report released by the Journal of Adolescence. Research shows that Generation Z, or “Zoomers”, reported feelings of loneliness rose sharply between 2012 and 2018. It is ironic, though likely not unrelated, that in the age of social media and people feel less connected to friends and family. This can have an effect on mental health.

Movies and commercials have created an image that only old people, retired from their jobs with families that live far away can be lonely. Yet, this image was never accurate and definitely does not fit the reality the world is facing today.

It is time to stop brushing aside “feeling lonely” and reframe the conversation as a public health crisis. Political leaders are already stepping up to the challenge. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was among the first to call social media a “public health risk to everybody” that can lead to “increased isolation [and] depression.” 

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How Pineapples Can Help You Shift to Waterless Beauty

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Living Your Best Waterless Beauty Life

Wash, wash, wash. Tone, tone, tone. Cleanse. Cleanse Cleanse. 

We’ve become so used to standard skincare routines that it has become impossible to imagine any type of waterless beauty routine. Whether it is in our moisturizers, cleansers, toners or serums, you’ll realize that ‘aqua’ is always the number one ingredient. The tendency to buy more products than we need made us neglect just how much it can harm the environment.

This International Women’s Day, it is time to reconsider your relationship with water and skincare.

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