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How to Cut a Pineapple with a Pineapple Corer

how to use a pineapple corer

You’ve seen beautifully uniform pineapple rings at the grocery store, fancy brunches or summer cookouts. Did you know how easy they are to achieve? Gone are the days of paying $5-6 for a container of pre-sliced pineapple. Grab a fresh pineapple and a pineapple corer and get ready for some magic.


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Make Your Own Pineapple Cocktail Keg

The Perfect Pineapple Keg

pineapple keg

Entertaining just became even more exciting now that Food Network has released a brilliant idea: the pineapple keg. Simple, impressive, and efficient, this concept has everything you need to impress your guests. All you need is a Chestnut Hill Farms Perfect Pineapple, a beverage dispenser (such as the one for $9.99 on Amazon here), and the cocktail recipe of your choice (try it with our Tiki Holiday Pineapple Punch recipe!).


  1. Cut the top off your Perfect Pineapple
  2. Core your pineapple (we recommend using an easy pineapple corer slicer)
  3. Put the fruit that you remove from the pineapple into a bowl – set aside
  4. Tap the pineapple by screwing in the tap on the side of the fruit
  5. Add your favorite pineapple cocktail into the pineapple keg, pour, and enjoy!

View the full video from Food Network.

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School’s Out: Let the Kids Go Nuts

Thanksgiving is almost here! Between all of the cooking and planning for this month’s big affair, you might be asking yourself, “what am I supposed to do with the kids during the school break?” We know. We know. It’s not like you don’t want to spend time with them, it’s just – there’s so much to do!

Well, we have a solution for you: let them go nuts! Now, before you panic, let us clarify. We found this really neat DIY tutorial that turns a holiday staple – walnuts – into little itty bitty pineapples. In fact, Kelly, the creative maven behind the idea at Studio DIY, came up for this as an alternative decor choice for her Thanksgiving table. And it makes sense, remember, pineapples are a symbol of hospitality.

Photo by DIYStudio.com

Photo by DIYStudio.com

What you’ll need to keep the youngin’s entertained:

Yellow Craft Paint
Green Cardstock (Cut into leaf shapes of various lengths)
Hot Glue (if an older child is in charge, if not Elmer’s Glue will do)

For full, step-by-step instructions, visit Kelly’s post here.

Enjoy (and good luck!),

Dr. Lloyd

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Pineapples: So Versatile, It’s Scary!

With Halloween just around the corner, we thought it might be fun to show our readers a creative alternative to the standard Jack-O-Lantern. Instead of carving a pumpkin this year, try slicing a pineapple into a slightly scarier form.

Like a werewolf during a full moon, The Perfect Pineapple can actually be very spooky once a year and, we think, quite possibly a better candidate for this annual doorstep tradition.

I mean, come on. A pumpkin just brings its roundness to the (carving) table, but a pineapple? A pineapple comes pre-made with a pretty creepy face and a kooky top hat!


Don’t believe us? Give it a whirl tonight in preparation for next week’s big bash. Simply pick up a pineapple at your nearest grocery store and follow these simple steps, demonstrated by this short stop-motion tutorial.

The results might just be terrifyingly good.

Happy Halloween!

Dr. Lloyd

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