The Perfect Pineapple Report 2021: Week 50

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  • A rainy week indeed – oscillating from heavy downpours to moderate intensity showers
    • 162,8 mm (6,4 inches) of rainfall were accumulated
    • Minimum air temperature rose to 22,1°C (71,9°F)
    • Average air temperatures  inched downwards to 24,8°C (76,6°F)
    • Soil temperature declined to 25,5°C (77,9°F)
    • All nighttime temperatures above the  20 Celsius (68°F) threshold
    • Relative humidity jumped  to 93,4%
    • Soil preparation halted; all other chores up to date
  • No significant change in the harvest pattern  – 55.9% was harvested at 21 WAF and the balance at 20 WAF.
    • Natural fruit declined to only 4% of our volume.
    • Sugar content remains high and stable. Fruit with  brix > 15.5 @ 50%
    • Standard deviation of brix readings remained below 1.0.
    • Fruit with psi less than 2.7 reached 38,3 %.The minimum was 2.1 psi; the average was 2,9 psi and the maximum was 4.1 psi.
  • Covid-19 cases registered a 15,6% reduction from prior week. Authorities reported one day this week with no deaths associated with Covid-19, the first time in 519 days.
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