Providing Compassion and Support for our Community and our World

pineapple farm

Chestnut Hill has worked to provide a sustainable farming practice and supportive workplace for our people behind the perfect pineapple, including social programs and environmental efforts to better our community and our world.

Our farms are the primary source of employment in the regions where our pineapple is grown, therefore we work to help grow these communities through the construction of infrastructure to the maintenance of schools and churches. These areas are our people, and we are proud to be a part of this community here in Costa Rica.

Community Projects: Chestnut Hill Farms is proud to sponsor community leagues for both men and women. A football (soccer) field located on the farm provides activities, which is managed by a committee of farm laborers. Baseball uniforms and equipment is underway to be added to community activities.

A Nutrition Center for the community is made possible through the underwriting of facility maintenance, as well as children’s food programs for children, activities and educational programs. Chestnut Hill also provides a community-owned child-care center and a computer lab to train field staff supervisors as well as the farm’s neighboring community with emphasis on the younger members of the community. Opportunities for workers to study English, take technical courses, complete high school and take university courses are available, as well as scholarship programs for children in the community.

Sustainable Practices: Erosion prevention and rainforest preservation are priorities for the farms. After harvest, pineapple plants leave an estimated 300 tons of material per hectare, which are re-incorporated into the soil to maintain good nutrient levels and soil structure. Chemical pesticides are minimal in use due to the incorporation of organic matter into the soil, beneficial bacteria and fungi. These are used to increase beneficial microorganisms that compete with parasitic organisms.

sustainable farming

Chestnut Hill Farms is committed to creating a better world starting within the community. Pineapples grown and distributed by the workers in Costa Rica are distributed throughout the world, included Southeast Asia.

Yearly promotions to utilize this healthy fruit in different ways are provided to consumers and stores, including how to carve pineapple jack-o-lanterns, recipes, and more.

Read more about our practices here.

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