How Long Will Your Cut Pineapple Last?

Cut Pineapple

You Cut Your Pineapple, Now What?

We’ve all picked out a ripe pineapple and cut in for a juicy bite. Then, you get full. As delicious as the Perfect Pineapple is, you can’t eat the whole fruit in one sitting. Now comes the age-old question: how long can I keep this pineapple that I’ve already cut? Nothing is worse than cutting your Perfect Pineapple only to go back wanting to eat it later and realizing that it’s not as good as it once was. Well, strap in, because today we’re going to solve the mystery that is the longevity of a cut pineapple.

The “Simple” Answer

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So, you’ve decided to cut into the Perfect Pineapple that you just bought, but how long will you have to eat it? The general consensus is that pineapple when refrigerated and kept in an airtight container will last around 3-5 days. However, if you choose to forgo refrigerating your pineapple, its life span shortens to around two days, so, for the best results make sure you utilize the fridge.

How to Pick the Pineapple That Will Last the Longest When Cut

Ready to Be Cut Pineapples

Extending the life of your pineapple starts with picking the right one. The good news is that pineapples are readily available all year long, although peak production is reached in the fall. When perusing over the many options, make sure to pick out a winner by checking for soft spots, specifically a mushy bottom, and bruising, which are never good signs. The Perfect Pineapple should be firm but when squeezed should have some give. It should also be free of bruising while having a vibrant green crown. Give yourself a head start on increasing the longevity of your pineapple by picking out the best one!

Utilize Smart, Sustainable Storage for Cut Pineapple

Food Huggers

Food Huggers has a unique solution to the problem of how to store pineapples that you have already cut. Do you anticipate that you’ll only need half of the pineapple for now? Go ahead and place one of Food Huggers’ signature products over the leftover half of your pineapple and watch as it stays fresher longer. Also available are reusable silicone airtight bags and flexible bowl lids which are great to store your already cut pineapple. Make sure to still store your pineapple in the fridge until you are ready to eat it or cut up more for the best results.

Freezing Your Perfect Pineapple

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You’ve already put your pineapple in the fridge and used airtight containers, but you need to make your pineapple last even longer? Have no fear, the solution is already in your house. Your freezer can be a great tool to extend the life of your delicious pineapple. Freezing your pineapple can extend its life by up to a year and while you can take it out and thaw it when you’re ready to eat it, you could also use it frozen in smoothies or as a snack to cool down during the toasty summer months.

How to Know Your Cut Pineapple Has Gone Bad

Rotten Pineapples

You can’t increase the life of a pineapple that has already passed its expiration date, but how do you know when that is? Obviously, if there is mold on your pineapple, it is definitely time to toss it. Some more subtle signs that your pineapple has passed its prime are an off smell or brown coloring instead of pineapple’s signature gold coloring. Lastly, if you notice a bitter taste upon eating your pineapple, it may be a sign that it’s time to buy a new one.

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