3 Delicious Ways to Feature Pineapple at Your End of Summer BBQ

 A Bittersweet Way to Close Out Summer. 

As we journey into the last week of August many people are planning their labor day BBQs. Traditionally, Labor Day serves as the real last hoorah for the summer. Kids have gone back to school, and we have transitioned into the cooler months. However, there is no rule that says you can’t fully embrace the tropical vibes that come with summer. We have put together 3 delicious ways for you to incorporate pineapple into the dishes that you serve at your Labor Day/end of summer BBQs. 

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Three Easy and Healthy 10 Minute Snacks Your Kids Will Love.

Cute Ways to Incorporate Pineapple in to Your Kids After-School Snacks!

Back to school season can get really hectic for parents, especially when it comes to preparing healthy snacks that kids actually enjoy. We’ve gathered a few fruit-based recipes that are fun and enjoyable for both kids and parents alike.

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The Perfect Summertime Picnic

summertime picnic

Summertime Means Plenty of Chances for Outdoor Activities!

Whether that is a hike up a trail, a stroll through the woods, or a casual stroll through a field of long grass, you’ll probably want to rest for a moment or two and take in the serenity nature has to offer, with a summertime picnic! There is no way better to do that then by enjoying delicious food while you do. But just exactly how do you pack a perfect picnic meal? Well, in this blog post we’re going to be giving you the most essential items to put in that picnic basket, Dorothy, and we’re not talking about Todo. After all, July is national picnic month.

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Celebrate National Grilling Month with Grilled Pineapple

July is National Grilling Month! Try these grilled pineapple recipes the next time you fire up the grill.

The sun is shining, the weather is beautiful, and there’s no better way to soak it up than spending time outdoors. Don’t limit your outdoor time to relaxing in the pool, getting active, and fishing – get cooking outside too, with grilled pineapple!

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Pineapple Ice Cream, Summer’s Perfect Pairing

Beat the Summer Heat with Pineapple Ice Cream!

Though ice cream is a widely loved sweet treat, it’s usually loaded with sugar and fat and can be unhealthy for you. For those who have stuck to their New Years Resolutions to get that desired “beach bod,” ice cream is a slippery slope. 

However, we’re here to tell you, “Don’t worry!” 

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Celebrating Great Outdoors Month

In Honor of June being Great Outdoors Month, We Have Created a List of Some of the Best Outdoor Activities Costa Rica Has to Offer!

At Chestnut Hill Farms, we make sure the people and environment are protected in order to produce the perfect pineapple. Part of this mission includes taking care of over 275 hectares of natural rainforest that surrounds our farm in Costa Rica. 

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This Summer’s Hottest Tips for Marketing Pineapples


Pineapple and Summer, The Perfect Pair!

Summer is right around the corner. And nothing pairs better with summer than a pineapple. Well, perhaps maybe a pool. Or a beach. But at either of these hotspots for summer getaways, people are going to need something to fill them up and cool them off, besides just the water. That’s why this post is dedicated to giving you some creative ways to market pineapples this summer. 

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Honoring Costa Rica’s Vast Rainforests

Home is Where the Heart is… and for Half a Million Species the Heart of the Costa Rican Rainforest is Where They Have Chosen to Call Home.

A rainforest so large that it now covers 75% of the country in its dense, verdant, and tropical ecosystem.  

But it wasn’t always like this. 

In fact, between 1950-1960 the percentage of forest cover decreased dramatically. And by 1987, only 21 percent of the country was covered in rainforest. Costa Rica was at the tipping point. 

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What’s Sweeter Than Pineapple?

Sweeter than pineapple

At Chestnut Hill Farms, We Don’t Only do Pineapples

All of you reading may know that Chestnut Hill Farms is internationally renowned for our exquisitely delectable pineapples. But what’s sweeter than pineapple? Well, it may be something you didn’t know that we do—it’s our community outreach programs

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Perfect Pineapple BBQ Chicken Skewers

The Perfect Dish for a Summer Cookout

Celebrate the start of Summer with sweet and savory pineapple chicken skewers! Switch up the usual burgers and hotdogs to this light, fresh dish that your friends and family will keep asking for all summer. The tartness of our Chestnut Hill Farms Perfect Pineapple brushed with a tangy BBQ sauce pairs wonderfully with red bell pepper or your favorite seasonal veggie for a colorful, delicious treat.

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