The Perfect Pineapple Production Report Week 38

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Make the Ultimate Kid-Friendly Smoothie for Back to School Season

kid-friendly smoothies

Summer’s end is bitter-sweet, but with the help of some fruity pineapple recipes Chestnut Hill Farms can help keep it a little sweeter. With a kid-friendly smoothie in hand, you and the kids can have a healthful start to the new school year. A simple, delicious recipe guarantees a new favorite kitchen activity. Back to school time revolves around being on schedule, sticking to routine and being efficient. Whether it’s for a quick breakfast before the bus comes or an after school when a snack, your little ones will thank you for making a kid-friendly smoothie. Try them all and see which one is a favorite!


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The Perfect Pineapple Report Week 30

  • A typical tropical shift in the weather – nightly evening drizzles brought
  • 23.1 mm (slightly less than 1.0 inch) of precipitation
  • Warm days, with intermittent sun & clouds
  • Soil preparation, new plantings and good husbandry practices all caught up
  • Conditions ideal for good quality fruit
  • Industry volume is low, demand is strong – anticipated will last a few more weeks
  • Students continue on strike; few roadblocks quickly dismantled
  • Some public employees are signaling their support of student demands

More Here. Click here to receive this week’s full industry report.

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The Perfect Pineapple Production Report: Week 5

Mid-week heavy downpours accumulated 190.9 mm (7.5 inches) of rainfall. While the balance of the week was drier, it still was a rainy week.The predicted “Nina year” called for colder and rainier start to 2018 – it has materialized! But it was also predicted that we would see, starting in March,  drier and warmer conditions than normal. Harvest age increase is having a positive impact on sugar content, internal color and maturity.More Here. Click here to receive this week’s full industry report.

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Weekly Pineapple Report: Week 4 at the Farms

Happy February! There was a definite improvement in climatic conditions this week, with only 75.7 mm (just under 3”) of rainfall recorded. Air and soil temperatures increased, and farms are increasing harvest age as fruit maturation process has slowed down due weather. Ribbon placement to identify age of “natural” fruit has commenced. More Here. Click here to receive this week’s full industry report.

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Ring in the New Year with Lucky Pineapple

According to feng shui practitioners, certain “lucky” fruits symbolize each month of the year, bringing prospects from money to health and happiness. The Chinese word for pineapple is “ong-lai,” which means “fortune cones,” and according to feng shui masters are a necessary item when preparing your home for the New Year.

Bring luck to your loved ones as you ring in the New Year with a fun twist on the classic mimosa below. Cheers!


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Chestnut Hill Farms Sponsors Team Rynkeby

Chestnut Hill Farms Supports Cycling Team to help Raise Funds for Seriously Ill Children

team rynkeby

Chestnut Hill Farms is proud to sponsor Team Rynkeby, a Nordic charity cycling team that cycles to Paris to raise money for seriously ill children each summer. We decided to sponsor Team Rynkeby because we feel it is appropriate to expand our social responsibility projects to the areas where our fruit is shipped, and are proud to support their effort.

Team Rynkeby comprises 1,900 cyclists and 450 volunteers, divided into 48 local teams in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, the Faroe Islands and Iceland. Team members are selected from thousands of applicants, who have completed the application form on the Team Rynkeby website. For almost a whole year participants must not only prepare themselves for the 1,200 kilometre trip to Paris but they are also obliged to do what they can to raise money for children with critical illnesses.

In 2017 Team Rynkeby donated EUR 8.8 million to organizations that help children with critical illnesses.

As one of the world’s leading growers, importers, marketers, and distributors of premium-quality pineapples grown in diverse locations throughout Latin America, our vertically integrated supply chain, world-wide distribution capabilities and consistent quality have been the basis of our company’s growth and success. Food safety, traceability, environmental responsibility and social accountability has built the Chestnut Hill Farms brand. Learn more about our social responsibility effort here.

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PMA Sweepstakes


Brought to you by Chestnut Hill Farms.

Thank you for your interest in our Power Up @ the PMA sweepstakes program! To be entered to win a PowerGrid portable battery charger (compatible with mobile devices including iPhone, Galaxy and Android, Tablets and virtually any USB devices) please submit the following information:

The winner will be announced during the PMA Fresh Summit at the Chestnut Hill Farms exhibit (#Booth 3378) on Saturday, October 18 at 4:30 p.m. Winner must be present to claim prize.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at (305) 592-6969.

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Get Some Fiber In You

The same as many other fruits, pineapple can prevent as well as relieve constipation because of the fiber content.

Dr. Lloyd

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Weather at the Pineapple Farms

Rainfall in last two days has been 6.22 inches at the farm with 4.78 inches falling yesterday.  One would probably expect an NDF event with this much rain but the minimum nighttime air temperature did not drop below 21 degrees C and the minimum nighttime soil temperature was only 27.5 degrees C.  The resulting growing degree days based on min/max air and soil temperatures was still 4.1 and 3.0 which would lead us to believe that this will not be a significant NDF event.  However, the sun has not been seen since Tuesday afternoon so this low light intensity may increase somewhat the NDF risk which will be monitored in the next three weeks to acertain the incidence.

Harvest age must be watched carefully following this rainy period to avoid the developement of translucency as much as possible.  Shell color will be difficult to impossible to achieve for fruit harvested next week.

Dr. Lloyd

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