The Perfect Pineapple Report 2021: Week 40

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  • Life is good at the farm with almost 2 months of favorable weather
    • This week we had only  15.8 mm (0.62 inches) of precipitation
    • Air and soil temperatures are stable and normal for the season
    • Plant growth and fruit development are vigorous
  • Harvest age continues to be tweaked and probably needs more adjusting
    • 89,2% harvested at 21 WAF; 3,6 % at 20 WAF and 7.3%  at 22 WAF.
    • Natural fruit was almost nil.
  • Average sugar content was stable and similar to prior week but the percentage of fruit with brix exceeding 15.5 was 53,6 %.
  • The firmness of the pulp decreased:
    • The minimum was 2.3 psi,  the average 3.1 psi and the maximum was 3.6 psi.
    • Fruit with  psi less than 2.7 rose to 21.3%.
  • Internal maturity; flavor, sweetness and aroma; and external color are all at good levels
  • New Covid cases, although slightly up this week, are trending downwards
    • At farm level we have 98% of our collaborators  vaccinated with a first dose and 60% with a second dose.
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