Giving Back to Our Costa Rica Community

Growing More than Food in Costa Rica

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Here at Chestnut Hill Farms, we are passionate about what we do. Our first customer began with a handshake and a contract written on a table napkin, and we continue that relationship-based model of business to this day.

Growing pineapples in Costa Rica has built more than the distribution of delicious, sweet pineapples. Our community is an important part of our daily operations. We are able to supply jobs throughout our farms, provide housing, education and scholarships to families of workers, and offer insurance and medical facilities. Providing these resources for our community helps not only our employees, but our local culture to flourish. We believe our people are literally our most valuable resource. They are the engine that helps us run, and helps our pineapples go from farm to table.

We are proud partners with the Fructus Foundation, which supports community members through addition of scholarships, building new infrastructure that is necessary with the growth of our area and helping build schools and medical centers. New women-owned businesses, like a small sewing shop in our community, are funded to help provide training and jobs. In turn, we purchase our uniforms from this local business, to help them grow, and provide quality hand-sewn gear for our workers.

Children play on soccer fields funded with the help of Chestnut Hill Farms and the Fructus Foundation, located just across a school that now has musical equipment and necessary educational resources. Spanish is of course the primary language here in Costa Rica, but we understand the importance of English, and provide our employees with resources to learn the language so they may continue to further their careers.

This is all done with the help of our supporters around the world. Supporters that enjoy the sweet taste of the Perfect Pineapple, grown and harvested by hand by our employees, which in turn support families throughout our community. We now distribute our pinas around the world in countries as far as South Korea, Spain, France, Russia, Bulgaria, throughout the United States and Canada. We hope you enjoy a sweet, healthy pineapple from our farms soon, knowing they came from sustainable community that you helped support.

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