The Perfect Pineapple Report 2020: Week 41

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  • Just a few more light drizzles than prior week accumulated:
    • 11.4 mm ( < 0.5 inches) of precipitation
    • Slight rise in air temperatures while soil temperature was unmoved
    • Solar radiation was very variable, from high to low depending on the day
  • Slight adjustments to harvest age continued
    • 51% harvested at 21 weeks after forcing (WAF) and the balance at 20 WAF
    • Volume of large sizes is high
    • Sugar content is stable and excellent
    • External color improving slowly; Color “0” at 25% is higher than our expectation.
    • Taste and aroma are outstanding
  • A slight decrease in new Corona Virus cases ( -15%)
  • Nationwide unrest due to controversial negotiations with International Monetary Fund (IMF)
    • Roadblocks on some important highways causing disruptions
    • Police have managed to clear some
    • Our exports have been minimally impacted thus far.
    • Protests are likely to continue in the coming days.
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