The Perfect Pineapple Report 2020: Week 42

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  • As a results of atmospheric instability caused by Hurricane Delta, we got a few intense & welcomed tropical showers
    • Rain gauge registered 20.6 mm (0.8 inches) of rainfall
    • Temperatures declined slightly
    • Solar radiation mostly moderate
  • Harvest age adjustments continued – 60.6% harvested at 21 WAF, the balance at 20 WAF
  • All agricultural operations continue on schedule
  • Large sized fruit is plentiful
  • Almost 80% of our fruit in targeted external color range 0.5 to 1.5
  • Corona virus cases increased
  • Roadblocks in support of movement rebuking IMF proposal intensified causing major interruptions to exports
  • Herculean effort on the part of our logistics department assured 100% of our volume reached ports and sailed in timely basis.
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