The Perfect Pineapple Report 2020: Week 16

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  • Dry, sunny and warm conditions prevail
    • 2.3 mm (0.09 inches) of rainfall recorded
    • Minimum as well as average temperatures increased
    • Relative humidity down to 54.8%
  • Sugar content, internal quality and external color stable and bordering on perfect!
  • We are experiencing pineapple production at its very best
  • As of April 12th, the government of Costa Rica has reported 577  confirmed cases of Coronavirus along with 3 deaths  The majority of the cases continue to occur in the densely populated area around the capital city of San Jose. The rural sector continues to be less impacted.
  • Pineapple production, industry-wide, increased during the past three weeks as growers planned a peak harvest to meet the usually strong demand associated with Easter. However, demand during the last 2 weeks has been reported to be 30% to 50% below a year ago as the world-wide foodservice sector and grocery shopping habits have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. We ask our customers/partners to reach out and seek promotional opportunities to help us move,  in an orderly fashion, the expected seasonal increase in volume.

Happy Easter!

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