The Perfect Pineapple Report 2021: Week 18

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  • Variability in climatic conditions from week to week, typical as we  transition to the “wetter” period of the year –
    • 46.7 mm (1.84 inches) of precipitation recorded
    • Average minimum air as well as soil temperatures stable
    • High relative humidity (88.9%)
  • Harvest age increased this week
    • Almost 16% harvested at 22 WAF
    • Balance harvested at 21 WAF
  • Sugar content, external color as well as internal maturity index all stable; outstanding taste and aroma
  • Unlike prior years, the NDF peak is estimated to be very moderate
  • Costa Rica experiencing a wave in Covid-19 cases; almost double the number of cases reported just 2 weeks ago
    • Government announcing the closing of non-essential businesses next week.
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