The Perfect Pineapple Report 2021: Week 26

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  • Very favorable weather, with very little rain, stable air and soil temperatures, and adequate solar radiation.
    • 21 mm (0.76 inches) of precipitation recorded
    • Average minimum air temperature  was  23,3°C (73,9°F)  and the average was 27,4°C (81,3°F)
  • Harvest tending towards higher age
    • 51.2% harvested  at 22 WAF; 44.3% at 21 WAF and some outliers older and younger
    • NDF fruit made up only 18% of the total harvest
  • Sugar content is steady but one farm did have higher than expected variability in measurements
  • External color continues to be the main challenge with almost 32% with “0” color
  • Covid infections on the decline; 42% of the population now has been vaccinated.
  • Parismina Farm in coordination with health authorities held a Covid vaccination campaign.
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