The Perfect Pineapple Report 2021: Week 37

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  • The first few days of the week brought moderate showers that accumulated 55 mm (2.17 inches of precipitation. The rest of the week was bone dry!
  • Minimum air temperature was stable at 23°C (73,4°F).
  • The average rose slightly to 27,2°C (81°F).
  • Soil temperature was similar to last week at 27,9°C (80,7°F).
  • Relative humidity declined a bit to 84,7 %.
  • Farms decreased harvest age – 91% was harvested at 21 WAF; 5,8% at 20 WAF and only 3,2% was at 22 WAF.
  • Natural fruit represented only 1,8% of the total harvested.
  • The firmness of the pulp is lower than we want it to be, the rest of the quality parameters  are very close to expectations.         
  • New cases of Covid 19 increased – 17.018 cases were reported. On September 21st, the farms will begin the second dose of vaccinations to all employees.

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