The Perfect Pineapple Report 2021: Week 38

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  • Very favorable climatic conditions continue
    • A coup[le of light drizzles brought just 14.6 mm ( a tad more than ½ inch) of precipitation
    • Sunny and warm days throughout the week
  • And these conditions create vigorous plant growth and rapid fruit maturation
    • Harvest age continues to be adjusted
      • 21 WAF makes the vast majority of the harvest (91%)
      • The balance is 20 WAF – 9% and expected to continue to increase in the coming weeks
  • Sugar content is up and the firmness of the pulp improved
  • All good husbandry practices are up to date
  • We continue to “squirrel away” prepared fields for planting during  the rainy season
  • Covid cases increased and health authorities implementing some restrictions
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