The Perfect Pineapple Report 2021: Week 39

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  • For four weeks in a row now we have had favorable climatic conditions
    • Negligible precipitation recorded – 1 mm (0.04 inches)
    • Stable air and soil temperatures
    • 84% relative humidity
  • 95% of our fruit harvested at 21 WAF; the balance at 20 WAF
  • Farming is a daily balancing act influenced by weather variables:
    • All chores up to date; good inventory of land prepared and ready to be planted
    • Average sugar content is stable but percentage with brix > 15.5 inched up to 48%
    • Firmness of the pulp improved – the minimum rose to 2.4 psi and the average 3.3 psi
    • External color dipped with 46% at color “0”.
    • Internal maturity index with 100% at the perfect “B” level.
  • Authorities reported a slight decline in Covid cases (15,293 cases).
  • One third of our collaborators in the farms have now received their second vaccine dose
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