The Perfect Pineapple Report 2021: Week 51

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  • A favorable turn in the weather –
    • Early week showers accumulated 34,2 mm of rainfall (1 1/3 inches).
    • The rest of the week was quite dry
    • Average minimum air temperature declined to 21,6°C (71,9°F)
    • The average rose to 26°C (78,9°F).
    • Soil temperature also rose to 26°C (78,8°F).
    • Solar radiation was low at the beginning of the week, then improved significantly.
    • Relative humidity declined to 85,3%
  • Soil preparation was only interrupted for a few days
  • Harvest age was reduced with a small percentage (6.4%) at 19 WAF and the majority at 20 WAF
  • Quality parameters:
    • Sugar content is very stable
    • External color on the low end (the challenge during this season)
    • Internal color and conditions right within specs
  • Covid-19 infection rates continue downward trend; restrictions being relaxed

         From our families to yours – a very joyous Holiday Season! We are very thankful for your support.

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